Who Dropped the Ball on Our Kids?, available

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Who Dropped the Ball on Our Kids? The Continuing “Miseducation” of Black Youth and Its Negative Effect on Their Identity Formation and Economic Power is a troubling, yet cautiously optimistic examination of the history and impact of American education on the identity formation and development of Black young people. Its larger context is the systematic efforts over 300+ years to maintain America's race-based power dynamics through its institutional network, specifically focused on schools' reform efforts and hidden curriculum. The book offers thoughts and practical considerations for parents, administrations, teachers, and community groups working to develop and maximize the potential of Black young people as community-conscious thinkers, leaders and achievers.

Publication: February 2019, 173 pages


amazon.com review: “The author not only outlines relevant issues surrounding Black youth, but goes the extra mile, to assist all who are concerned with the future of the Black Race. Many books outline the problems, few offer solutions. This author does both brilliantly.