Author: Lindiwe Stovall Lester


Why am I writing? And why now?
Good questions. I believe I just may have something to say that will benefit others, even change the trajectory of a life or two. I’ve been writing a long time –formally and informally. I've designed and developed training manuals and booklets for church and business. Then there's my coaching college students struggling to successfully complete their writing proficiency, degree-required, exit papers. Similarly, I enjoyed editing doctoral dissertations so brilliant students could effectively articulate their ideas. I partnered step-by-step with budding authors whose stories were bigger than their writing prowess by self-publishing their stories. Over the years, I've written public relations and newsletter articles and crafted web content for good causes. I’ve been at it for a while.

I finally have time to share what I’ve learned, which brings me to publishing books and articles. An avid reader and researcher, I have been an observer, activist and generally a curious person regarding the human condition, matters of race and power, and overall human development and how to actualize more of that human potential we hear so much about. As I put my thoughts to paper, hopefully sufficiently informed by experience and knowledge, may the pages in ways small or large, be instruments of change, inspiration and thoughtfulness for others, especially the next generation.

Here’s a bit more about my "formal" background:
I’ve spent more than 35 years in public sector leadership. My vocation has been as liberation theologian at the Pan-African Orthodox Christian Church, followed by service in nonprofit leadership and human development consulting. All along, I have been researching, writing and teaching African and African American history to adults and youth in community and university settings.
For me and Sondai (my husband and thinking partner), historical study is a foundation for tapping into one’s inner strength to face and be a part of transforming the world. Black history is my passion and has provided a framework and basis to explain the “why” of the past and current Black condition. It is part of the connective tissue that enabled oppressed people’s resilience and ingenuity down through the years.
My formal education includes a Master of Education degree in instructional design and an Educational Specialist degree concentrated on human performance systems. I am also a certified executive coach. I retired as a nonprofit executive and am currently President of Tap In Coaching and Consulting. I am pleased to be the author of The Everyday Leader: Masterfully Lead the People Who MUST Report to You (2022) and the upcoming Make the Shift: Five Keys to Leading Others (2024).