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The leader’s most important role is to deploy finely tuned “people” skills to work with and through people to achieve exceptional work results.

Today’s leaders possess high job-related technical skills. Yet, their staffers report high dissatisfaction, disinterest, and disconnection with their jobs and often their supervising leaders.

Do any of these questions resonate with you as you lead your team?

Why don’t my people seem motivated? How do I get my team aligned and working towards the same goals? How can I reduce my stress and accomplish more? Why am I working harder, getting less done, and doing others’ work? Why do I have to manage all these different personalities? How can I give feedback my people will receive? How do I create an environment that inspires people to deliver their best work?

The “People Smart” Leader offers you practical support to answer these and other “people” competency questions. The book encourages you to do the work to enhance your proficiencies and recalibrate your mindset —enabling you to lead and inspire your people to achieve stellar results. This publication extends the conversations from The Everyday Leader. It targets more value-adding skills and approaches and includes development tools, reflections, and processes to put them into practice.

The Five Keys are deliberately simple labels for the complex work of “people smart leadership”—Lead, Connect, Coach, Develop and Perform. Work through them individually or with a leadership development group.

Published July 2024, 246 pages