Study & Activity Guide for Connections Remembered, The African Origins of Humanity and Civilization

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This study and activity guide is a companion for Connections Remembered, The African Origins of Humanity and Civilization. It first provides a framework for study leaders to aid participants in thinking about and processing the book's historical material, which amplifies the greatness and challenges of the African past and connects that past to Black identity today. Recall of historical facts, figures, and maps is not enough; making meaning of the knowledge is critical for transforming thinking and propelling us to liberating action. Tips for facilitation, structuring the study sessions, and energizing the sessions are included.

Second, the majority of the guide is made up of more than 35 activities, including participant worksheets, to support and elaborate on the content of each of the book's eight sections. Aligned with each of the sections of Connections Remembered, the guide offers a section summary, suggested learning objectives, and 3-4 activities adaptable for teens and adults. The activities are designed to build participants’ mental muscles through critical thinking, inquiry, and collaborative problem-solving while also strengthening social muscles through teamwork.

106 pages, Publication Date: January 2021

Says one reviewer: "This is more than an activity guide, this is like a teacher's manual. It really helps teachers know HOW to teach so people learn to think and the sessions are interesting. A great tool for whatever subject being taught!