Connections Remembered, African Origins of Humanity and Civilization

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The central theme of Connections Remembered, the African Origins of Humanity and Civilization: The Impact of Historical Memory on Black Identity is the ancient African origins of humanity and civilization, framed around the impact of these historical hallmarks on healthy Black identity development. It is an easy-to-read, yet scientifically validated account of the remarkable accomplishments of ancient Africa and her people. This new edition emphasizes the inextricable linkage between Black self-concept and what Black people are taught through the Eurocentric curricula’s expression of African Americans’ historical roots.  It debunks the flawed and psychically devastating view that Black people’s beginnings were as dehumanized plantation slaves. It is written for adults and is concerned with augmenting the education of Black children in American schools especially during their identity-shaping formative years. The book reconnects African and African American history as one continuous narrative, not two disconnected stories; this is key to overcoming our fragmented inner selves and restoring healthy communities.

Maps, charts, suggested activities and thought starters are included in each of the eight sections to better engage with the content.

Publication: June 2020, 196 pages


from an reviewer: 

Connections Remembered is a scholarly and research-based examination of the need to connect and understand Black Identity. With the events of 2020 (pandemic and social justice issues), we are experiencing a paradigm shift. With this shift, it is imperative that Black people go through a process of remembering, understanding, engaging, and then connecting with Black Identity. This book should be on the reading list of all Black families.”